Car key chip spares

Since around 1997, car keys were introduced with tiny unseen transponder chips in the head of the keys, which talk to your car’s onboard computer. These are essential for starting your vehicle!

This was done by the manufacturers to make the cars harder to steal. However, as a result, the price to duplicate keys has increased.  

It also means that if all keys are lost, the physical key needs to be made AND the car’s onboard computer has to be reprogrammed. This can be an involved and costly process.

So get some spares ready to avoid the lost keys dilemma.

ASI Locksmiths has the best automotive locksmith service in town. We have the largest range of electronic programming equipment set up in our dedicated automotive workshop. Our range of both genuine or after market keys/remotes accommodate for over 85% of the makes and models on the market today.

With common transponder chip keys starting from $147 supplied, cut and programmed, this is the far better option to ensure you have a spare and avoid the ALL keys lost scenario.

If you need keys and remotes for your car, truck, bus, motorcycle, boat or earth moving equipment, contact us today.